There are so many new / old way’s to brew coffee these day’s it can be a bit overwhelming on the choices.  You have your traditional drip brewers and of course the ever popular 1-cup Keurig but if you seek a cup of coffee that taste like no other than you have to step outside your comfort zone.

Sure, we have amazing coffee but if you get it home and can’t brew it properly then nobody wins, right?

Let me introduce 2-simple brewers that we now carry and are availble for you at home or for travel.

1) Aerobie  Aero Press:  when you first see all the parts and pieces you’re thinking ‘some assembly required’ but don’t let it fool you, this is amazingly simple and the result is even more impressive.  If you have the hot water availble and the coffee ground the brewing process is about 30 seconds top’s and is rich and flavorful…strong if you like it espresso’ish or add more water to tame it down.  The other bonus is if you have to travel and you want good coffee this comes in it’s own sleeping bag for easy packing.  See Aerobie Aero Press in Action  this short video say’s it all.

2) Toddy Cold Brew System:  if you want simple, un-believable iced coffee then look no further.  All you need is coarse ground coffee, cold water and time.  The Toddy produces a thick, rich syrupy, low acidic concentrate that has endless uses.  Add water and ice for your iced coffee, use as an ingredient in baking (I sometimes use it in homemade energy bars), use it in a variety of other mixed drinks or add hot water back into it for a really low acidic Americano.  Toddy has a recipe book with the brewer and more recipe’s online.

Bottom line, don’t be afraid to try something new in the art of brewing and you’ll simply be amazed at what’s out there.  Pick up your AeroPress and Toddy today!



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