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Sulawesi Toraja White Eagle

Sulawesi Toraja White Eagle

Welcome our latest Pacific Rim coffee from the Indonesian island of Sulawesi, the Toraja White Eagle.  The White Eagle refers to old growth Typica trees in this region, some nearly 250 years old.  Production from these trees is not significant but the quality is astounding.  Grown at higher elevations not with banana trees but interspersed in … Continue reading

SpeedgoatKarl’s 100 Mile Blend Scores an 88 from Coffee Review

SpeedgoatKarl’s 100 Mile Blend Scores an 88 from Coffee Review

Renowned coffee expert and author Keneth Davids recently reviewed our own SpeedgoatKarl’s 100 Mile Blend on his web site   Please read Kens review in it’s entirety below: Jameson Coffee SpeedGoatKarl’s 100-Mile Blend Greencastle, Indiana Reviewed: July, 2012  Price: $12.00/12 ounces  Aroma:          8 Acidity:         7 Body:            7 Flavor:          8 Aftertaste:    8  Roast (Agtron): (42/62) … Continue reading

Research Shows That Coffee Is Good For Your Heart

Research shows that coffee is good for your heart, we alway’s knew this to be true. Now someone with creds’ claims this as well, read on. The following is an excerpt taken from the April 1, 2012 Detroit Free Press in the Harvard Medical School Adviser. QUESTION: I drink coffee every day, sometimes as much … Continue reading

Aroma and Caffeine

Two very interesting articles on the affects of aroma on sleep depravation and caffeine as a reovery aide for endurance atheletes. Cut and paste these into your browser. Does the Aroma of Coffee really wake you up? This article gives the facts. Can caffeine boosts muscle recovery? Now that you’ve got the skinny on … Continue reading

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