This past Saturday, 6 year old Ian Williamson took 2nd place in the 9 & under 5k DINO trail run at Brown County State Park with a time of 30:47.  This podium spot comes after only his 2nd ever formal race and his 1st ‘real’ trail run.  After several day’s of sporadic rain and a race start that also included a gentle rain, the first mile of the race on horse trail was a slop fest.  The 1st flat 1/4 mile of slime led into a 3/4 mile hill climb also in ankle deep slime.  Starting near the back we are already passing lots of people on the slime climb and it’s obvious to Dad that our race plan of a slow start is out the window.  Having run the 15k version of this several times, I knew the 1st long climb can wipe a little guy out, especially in ankle deep slime, man was I wrong.  Although not wearing Pearl Izumi’s, Ian sure embraced their tag line ‘Run Like an Animal’.  After cresting the slime climb it was off to the races in beautiful hard pack single track in the woods and ‘Running Like an Animal’ it was.  Mostly rolling and down hill at this point it was a negative split all the way to the finish line, bombing the declines and working the roots and rocks of the trail like a seasoned pro.  Post race Ian was asked what he enjoyed most about the race, simply ‘Passing People’, dang I couldn’t have said it better!  This race morning was fueled by SpeedgoatKarl’s 100 Mile Blend and Grandma Wessel’s eggs & bacon.  Post race, several runner’s were given out SpeedgoatKarl’s 100 Mile Blend for their next race, good up to 100 Miles but even does well on a muddy 5k.  Thanks to DINO for having SpeedgoatKarl’s 100 Mile Blend at the race.

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