Two very interesting articles on the affects of aroma on sleep depravation and caffeine as a reovery aide for endurance atheletes.
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Does the Aroma of Coffee really wake you up? This article gives the facts.

Can caffeine boosts muscle recovery?

Now that you’ve got the skinny on the aroma of coffee and how it can help you wake up and the benefits of caffeine with your post workout re-fuel it’s time to place your order!

A few suggestions:
The high acidity and the lighter roast profiles of the South/Central Amercian Coffees offer some of the most spectacular aromatics and are most associated with your typical breakfast blends. The high acidity is what gives you that nice punch in the nose in the morning to get you going.

The Indonesian/Asian Coffees are very low in acidity with heavier bodies and from personal experience are hands down the best selection for pre or post workout events. The lack of acidity is the key to your succsessful pre or post workout caffeinated beverage. Enjoy!

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