Haitian Ranquitte Coffee

Haitian Ranquitte Coffee
Haitian Ranquitte CoffeeHaitian Ranquitte CoffeeHaitian Ranquitte Coffee
Haitian Ranquitte CoffeeHaitian Ranquitte CoffeeHaitian Ranquitte Coffee
Jameson Specialty Coffee Profile
Roast Level 3


Haiti - Ranquitte


Eco Café Coop




900-1200 Meters

Price: $16.50

A beautiful, sweetly rounded, chocolate-toned coffee. This is a rare and superb micro-lot coffee that will delight new experience seekers.

We purchase this coffee in very small quantities directly from Eco Café in Haiti. Eco Café is an organized coop of about 50 families aiming to reclaim Haitian land for farming. With a simple but substantial mission, Eco Café enables economic self-sufficiency in rural Haiti by cultivating/processing and exporting quality Haitian coffee and to restores the heavily deforested ecological environment to good health.

Over the last five+ years, we have reared over 50,000 coffee plants and approximately 5,000 trees in our nursery, plants and trees that since have been transplanted in the coffee farms and the terraced property of our landowner/farmers, respectively. We have made somewhere between 500-1500 Haitians food secure through provision of seeds and labor. We have restored over 100 acres of deforested hillsides back to good health through our terracing and tree planting. Of greater importance, we have given the citizens of Ranquitte “hope.”

This coffee is from the first high-scoring coffee seasons from the Ranquitte region and represents a huge amount of effort by the time it reaches your cup. From the farmers who cultivate, pick and hand-carry the fresh cherries to be processed, to the coop which enables huge leaps in quality, to the missionaries who hand-carry the green coffee into the states. But it's well worth it!

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