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SpeedgoatKarl’s 100 Mile Blend

We bring you ‘SPEEDGOATKARL’S 100 MILE BLEND’ in partnership with professional Ultra Runner, Karl Meltzer.  Having 30 – 100 mile wins to his name and counting, Karl is the winningest 100 Mile mountain runner on earth.  Speedgoat Karl Meltzer is an Ultra Running legend and King of the mountain when it comes to running high … Continue reading

Ultra Running

Ultra Running

  What is Ultra Running?  Running any distance over 26.2 miles- the marathon.  Ultra’s come in all shapes and sizes but most commonly are 50k (31 miles), 50Miles and the ultimate 100Mile and are generally ran on some of the most unforgiving trails imaginable. Having ran a few ultra’s myself along with a variety of other … Continue reading

Bali Kintamani Natural – 100% Certified Organic

Bali Kintamani Natural – 100% Certified Organic

Just in for the fall and in limited supply, Bali Kintamani Naturally Processed, 100% Certfied Organic.  This coffee is spectacular and a perfect mate for the cool weather.  Deep rich syrupy body with fruit and spice and a hint of smoke.  Order some today!


Thank you to our good friend Shea ‘Goose’ Goodpaster for bringing us into the 21st century of Facebook.  Facebook and Twitter have become such an important part of peoples lives and the way we interact and get information.  Please follow us on Facebook and look for special’s coming soon. Facebook Cover

Family Time Around The French Press

I have to say that with 2 young children, Ian-2 and Ava-3 mos., I dearly love spending time with them.  With a busy work week, I’m usually gone before they get up each morning and home in time for dinner, baths and wind down before bed.  That’s what makes our time together on the weekends … Continue reading

Aroma and Caffeine

Two very interesting articles on the affects of aroma on sleep depravation and caffeine as a reovery aide for endurance atheletes. Cut and paste these into your browser. Does the Aroma of Coffee really wake you up? This article gives the facts. Can caffeine boosts muscle recovery? Now that you’ve got the skinny on … Continue reading

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